The power of sport

We support people from refugee backgrounds to integrate into German society. We provide sports and cultural offers to kids from 5-to-15 years old that enable them to develop their soft-skills. We provide technical skill training sessions for teenagers and young adults from 16-to-25 years old to help them integrate into the German labor market.

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We promote the integration of children with refugee backgrounds in German society by developing social skills, physical, and mental health of all children. We have tournaments in the fall, winter, spring and summer where all of our teams come together to compete against each other to have fun.

We are

  • Educating the youth to become culturally and socially competent leaders.
  • Using diverse team sport events and consistent training sessions to help support the development of kids’ social skills and promote their physical and mental health.
  • Offering diverse learning experiences for parents to create more culturally positive experiences for children.


Youth Football

In our first year, we established many football sports courses throughout the city of Hamburg. Through these sports courses, we managed to establish a youth community football league. We are fully insured and include 500 kids within our program free of charge.

The teams within our league are all from different areas and play in season games, playoffs, and friendly tournaments.

We have seasonal schedules for the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. We include children from displaced backgrounds and non-displaced backgrounds in our sports courses. Stay tuned for our scheduled releases.

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of our funding goes to our children for equipment, transportation, and trainer costs
500 Kids
We have enrolled over 500 children since 2021
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We deliver events for our kids surrounding our cooperation partner Ironman. We serve as the charity partner through which Ironman delivers social initiatives within Germany.

There are many global initiatives to diversify the sport of triathlon. We are honored to participate in implementing diverse youth triathlon events in Hamburg. We plan to expand and believe our long-term partnership with Ironman will help us reach our goals.

We will announce our Spring and Summer offerings in the Winter season.

Youth Basketball

In our second year, we are expanding our sports offerings. We offer 3 v. 3 basketball training sessions and plan on having our first tournament in the Winter of 2022. Stay tuned for our scheduling releases.

We love to build communities that are inclusive of as many interests and passions within the field of sport as possible. We believe sport brings people together and can be a key to engaging people in other services.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in collaborating and helping us to deliver sports offerings that bring people together from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Photo of trainers on the pitch

Trainer Growth

We are constantly looking for opportunities to grow our trainers' technical and pedagogical knowledge.

Studies show that a key factor behind successfully integrating people is the representation of diverse leaders and teachers within communities. The background of our trainers provides these types of leaders in communities throughout Hamburg.

One of our newest partners FC Saint Pauli has committed to providing instructional knowledge and training clinics for our trainers.

of our coaches were refugees themselves
27 coaches
We have provided 27 paid coaching opportunities for displaced persons

Teams United News

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Meet one of our students

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Borgfelde (soccercourse for kids form 5-to-15 years old) (Tuesday and Friday from 17:30 to19:00).
Wandsbek (soccer course for kids form 5-to-15 years old) (Monday and Wednesday from 17:30 to 19:00).
Bahrenfeld (soccer course for kids form 5-to-12 years old) (Monday from 17:00 to 18:30)
Eppendorf (Work Café service site for teenagers and young adults from 16-to-25years old) (By appointment only).
Winterhude (Basketball course for kids from 9-to-12 years old starting August 2024) (Tuesday and Thursdays from 17:30 to 19:00).
St. Pauli (Monthly weekend music lessons for kids that participate in the sports program).

Teams United Work Café

The largest German economic institute, DIWBerlin, conducted a large-scale study in the winter of 2023/24 asking refugees what help they needed on their way to integration. 40 percent stated that they lack help with labor market integration. It is byfar the biggest cry for help in all areas of refugee integration. The existing agencies that refugees turn to for labor market integration can not even come close to reducing this enormous deficit. New initiatives and fresh ideas are needed.

Target group - Refugees between 16 and 21 years old that are:
- Ready for the training or labor market.
- Have a school leaving certificate (ESA/MSA) or will soon achieve one.
- Can communicate at least at a very good B1 level.

Refugee Camp Welcome Team contact pupils that need services:
Volunteers go to the refugee camp to make firsthand contact with people thatneed services by:
- Hosting refugee camp events.
- Traveling door to door in refugee camps.

Volunteer consultants that consult refugees on their life path and career:
- Have a higher level of intrinsic motivation for the task.
- They work in communicative main jobs (trainers, headhunters, psychologists, journalists, advertisers, etc.).
- In most cases they are more creative than full-time employees and think more outside the box.

Service process -
Step 1: Refugee Camp Welcome Team contact pupils that need services.
Step 2: Host first welcome session with pupils.
Step 3: Consultation.
Step 4: Recommendation
Step 5: Continued support.

Program is in the pilot phase:
Reach out to us at if you are interested in taking part in the Teams United Work Café as a sponsor, a member of the Refugee Camp Welcome Team, or a volunteer consultant.


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